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the amazing power of harmonically resonant sound and electro-magnetic waves
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A Brief History of Ethometric Instruments  




In 1769 Dr. Stephen Demainbray, a lecturer in Natural Philosophy, began producing instruments for use in his public demonstrations. At some point before his death in 1782 it has been suggested that he noticed that an exposure to primitive electro-magnetic fields was significantly enhanced when those fields were made to oscillate in a direct correspondence with the resonant frequency of the subject. This Ethometric effect was reported to produce positive effects in those exposed to the radiation.

There are no surviving Ethometric Instruments from this period. The earliest devices date from the first part of the twentieth century although it is likely that the instruments in the collection have not survived unscathed; it seems that many of these early instruments were refurbished at some point in the hey day of Ethometric instruments during the 1950’s.

By the early 1970’s Ethometric Instruments were producing instruments for use by trained Ethometric practitioners all over the world. However in late 1975 a catastrophic fire at the company’s factory in Dalston, East London, destroyed both a large quantity of production models and the specialised equipment that had been designed to produce them. Sadly many original and rare models were lost as the companies own archive was destroyed. In addition detailed and irreplaceable plans for the instruments were also damaged beyond recognition and the company was no longer able to produce Ethometric instruments.

However, the company has been resurrected by Ethometrics expert Professor Lee who is now producing a range of Ethometric instruments to meet the growing world-wide demand for these fascinating machines.

What is the connection between Stephen Demainbray and Ethometric Instruments?

Little is known about the history of Stephen Demainbray instruments. What is known is that Dr. Demainbray was a lecturer in natural philosophy during the Enlightenment. His demonstrations used a variety of instruments specially made for these demonstrations, some of which are on display at the Science Museum on London. As far as we understand Dr. Demainbray began to produce scientific instruments of his own and formed his own company in 1769. When Dr. Demainbray died his work was taken over by one of his close colleagues who it is believed made a fundamental breakthrough in the use of oscillating electro-magnetic fields. Ethometric fields, as they were commonly called, induced a feeling of well being among those who were given a sufficiently powerful dosage.


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Ethometric instruments Ltd.

(formerly Stephen Demainbray instruments) Dalston, London

Specialists in the manufacturing and the supply of Ethometric devices, training and information since 1769.

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