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the amazing power of harmonically resonant sound and electro-magnetic waves



Unlike any other branch of science you are likely to encounter Ethometrics offers you unlimited opportunities to explore the still largely unknown territory of Ethometric harmonic frequency modulation.

You have the opportunity now to develop the skills to become a scientist of the future. Ethometric Instruments Ltd offers you the very best equipment for the most advanced Ethometric laboratory available.

This is not an occult or spiritual practice.

Ethometric instruments are precise, fully functional electronic devices that produce carefully proportioned harmonic frequencies.

All instruments are supplied with full working instructions, but beginners are advised to undertake some training before using the instruments in working conditions.


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A Multiwave Oscillethergraph Generator in action!

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Ethometric instruments Ltd.

(formerly Stephen Demainbray instruments) Dalston, London

Specialists in the manufacturing and the supply of Ethometric devices, training and information since 1769.