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I love a good conspiracy theory....but....

I love a good conspiracy theory. I hasten to add that I don’t love or subscribe to conspiracy theories that put people’s lives at risk or that threaten freedom and democracy. But the idea that NASA might have faked the photos from the first moon landing, that the Big Bang didn’t happen, that the earth is (still) flat, that aliens crash landed at Roswell, that the moon was caused by an inter-galactic war happening on our (solar) doorstep, or that we are being controlled by subliminal advertising (now that one is probably true….), these are all great flights of fancy and ones that I find tremendously entertaining even if I don’t personally agree with them.

A few years ago I found a wonderful book in a second bookshop in Hay-on-Wye, the second-hand book shop heaven. The Awesome Life Force, the hermetic laws of the universe as applied to all phenomena by Joseph H. Cater is a 479 page edition first published in 1982 and my spiral bound version was published in 1984 by Health Research, Box 70, Mokelumne Hill, California 95245. As the publisher’s foreword advises us:

‘The author presents surprising facts concerning our planet. These facts are in variance with conventional and preconceived opinions of the average individual.’

A brief glance at the chapter headings confirms this, and to list a few, for example: ‘Incontrovertible flaws in the theory of relativity’; ‘The hollow condition of the earth’; ‘Popular misconceptions of atomic and particle physics’; and ‘Materializations from higher realms’. Joseph H. Cater is gunning for orthodox science in a big way. In his introduction he excuses himself from the rigours of academic verifiability:

‘The author has been criticized for treating speculation and theory as though they are facts. To put it bluntly this is a reflection of a mind of very little comprehension steeped in the inflexible rules of the academic tradition.’

In a moment of realism, he goes on to accept that unfortunately his views may never become mainstream:

‘Despite the vast wealth of incontrovertible evidence which supports the ideas presented in this treatise, the new science outlined in the pages to follow will never be accepted by a significant portion of the scientific community.’

In a section called 'Incredible flaws and discrepancies of orthodox science' he begins with the assertion that:

‘NASA as well as other interests has gone to great lengths to cover up the real findings of the space programme.’

With cast iron conviction he lists what space travel has actual revealed. I paraphrase: The moon has a higher surface gravity comparable to earth’s. It also has a dense atmosphere. All planets, the moon included, are hollow with huge entrance holes at the poles. The spaceships used to travel to the moon had been available for years prior to the Apollo missions and they use a fuel-less propulsion system similar to those used by UFOs. Gravity can be manipulated to produce levitating beams.

And so he continues for 479 pages and with utter certainty he takes apart his apparently quite extensive scientific and technical education and reconstructs it to formulate a new universal theory of everything. Quite an achievement. I am in awe, and while it is hard to take the wild claims, conspiracy theories and dubious science all that seriously, The Awesome Life Force is a significant piece of work that Joseph Cater clearly passionately believed in. The shadowy CIA agents that were trying to supress his, and other unorthodox scientists’, work were real for him.

The world can appear considerably more interesting when it is explained by ‘science’ that confounds the experts, by theories that are ‘supressed’ by vested interests. It is comforting to believe that aliens exist, that interplanetary travel has been taking place for many years longer than officially admitted, that telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, anti-gravity devices, and free energy exist and can be employed if only you take the time to read and learn. The world is expanded, our place in the universe secured, the potential of humanity ready to be released if only the tight orthodoxy of conventional science could be overturned.

The Pyramid Phenomenon from The Awesome Life Force by Joseph H. Cater

It may well be that radical new scientific theories may take longer to be accepted due to entrenched positions. It’s hard to accept that your prize theory, your life’s work, needs to be updated and replaced. But that is also the nature of science. In the end the new theory becomes orthodoxy only if it works and works better than the previous one. We examine the universe with human perception and that perception reveals to us only a fraction of what can be perceived. Crazy ideas and wild theories have a place, if only to spark imagination, to ask questions of orthodoxy and to stimulate the possibility that we may discover something we thought was impossible or improbable.

Thank you Joseph H. Cater for thinking the impossible even if most of what you describe remains impossible, improbable or just not true.


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